Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Curtis Salgado Benefit Photos

I attended the benefit for Curtis Salgado at the Mojo Lounge. The benefit featured a star studded cast of characters and raised over $5000 for Mr Salgado.

Appearing on the show were:

Kenny "Blue" Ray and his band,
Daniel Castro,
RJ Mischo,
Bay Area Blues Society Caravan of All Stars,
Steve Freund Blues Band w/ Mark Hummel
Jackie Payne & Steve Edmonson.

There were a multitude of great guests sitting in and a number of fantastic musicians in the audience that didn't have the opportunity to perform due to time constraints.

Photos from the Curtis Salgado Benefit are at:


Caught in the act were:

Jackie Payne, Steve Edmonson, Carlos Zialcita, Mark Hummel, Steve Freund, Willie G, Teddy "Bluesmaster" Watson, Pork Pie Phillips, Wylie Trass, Unknown Bass Player, Ronnie Stewart, Daniel Castro, Nick Otis, Mike "Naz" Nazarenko, RJ Mischo, Ray Figueroa, Robi Bean, Bill Singletary, Kate Garcia, Charlie Chavez, Matt Lawley and Don Yonder.

Bonus: Photos from the Friday show at the Mojo Lounge include: Johnny Cat and Terry Hanck.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

RJ Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam - 666 Edition

It was a fun time at the Mojo Lounge last night. It was the final evening that John Nemeth was hosting the jam. It was a party-like atmosphere. RJ Mischo will be returning next week. The house band was John Nemeth, Mighty Mike Schermer, Vance Ehlers and Hans Bosse. I got there late. The jam was already underway.

There were a bunch of guests in attendance that made some very good music. Included were: Freddie Roulette, James "Loose" Reed, Chris Brown, Johnny Cat, Don Yonder, Double G, Russell Barber, Harmonica Hutch, Ray Figueroa, Artie Chavez and several new faces that I hadn't seen before...

I had the opportunity to play a couple of tunes with Mike Schermer, Vance Ehlers and E-Rock. Mike is a fantastic guitar player and singer. That was very cool and very enjoyable. As always, it was a really good time.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

2006 Photos

It's been a while since I posted an entry about photos. The last time was March.

Photos since the last update include: Ken Saydak, Steve Freund, Kid Andersen, Ronnie Jacobsen, Wendy Dewitt, Don Yonder, Johnny Cat, Dennis Dove, Bruce Ferrell, Richard Rodriguez, Phil Berkowitz, Gary Smith, Bob Welsh, Hans Bosse, RJ Mischo, Jimmy Dewrance, Mark Hummel, Birdlegg, Cadillac Zack, Suzy Tyler, Dave Specter, Rontu Karr and Ron Hacker.

The URL is: http://mrjoe.dyndns.org/gallery/blues2006