Friday, December 16, 2011

BlowsMeAway Bulletizer Product Review

A year or so ago, I had a really good sounding Shure 544. I dropped it and dented the connector beyond repair. I really liked the microphone, so I shipped it off to Greg Heumann at BlowsMeAway Productions. I asked him to Ultimat-ize it. A few days later, he returned it to me with a new screw on connector and a volume control. It ended up looking similar to the red microphone in the picture below.

After the transformation, it's now a fantastic sounding microphone and a good looking microphone.

I've been using it quite a bit lately. A few weeks ago, I was trolling the Internet and found a used Bulletizer. The Bulletizer gives the player a larger surface to grasp and cup, and provides an acoustic chamber inside your cup to bring out the best of the mic's tone. I was curious how the product would effect the microphone's tone.

I decided to capture a quick recording of the microphone with the microphone before and after the installation of the Bulletizer. Here's the video.

My initial thoughts were:
  • It was super easy to install. It took about five minutes and the instructions and tools were provided.
  • It's a bit easier to hold hold the microphone.
  • The microphone became a slightly more prone to feedback.
  • The change to the tone wasn't dramatic. Where I noticed the difference was in playing chords. Chords ended up sounding a bit more like a bullet mic.
Overall, it's a cool product. If you like the way a stick microphone sounds and have a challenge holding one, this might be the product for you.