Sunday, March 4, 2012

Astatic JT-30 Demo

In the spirit of my last couple of entries, I thought I would break out some microphones.  This time, I grabbed a brand new Astatic JT30 Roadhouse, a Hohner Blues Blaster with a MC-151 element and a Hohner Blues Blaster with a Shure Controlled Magnetic Element.  I plugged them into a Super Sonny amplifier.  I set up a Zoom H2 recorder about ten feet away from the amp and played a bit. 
  1. Microphone 1
  2. Microphone 2
  3. Microphone 3
Which mic is which?

Shure Green Bullet Demo - Round Two - Answers

Here are the answer from the blind audio test of the Shure Green Bullet microphones.
  1. 520D
  2. 520DX
  3. CM in Blues Blaster
  4. CM in JT30
Did you get them right?  Could you live with any of them?