Thursday, April 28, 2005

Tuesday Night @ The Mojo Lounge

I spent Tuesday night hanging out during the Blues jam at the Mojo Lounge in Fremont. This week, the jam was hosted by local guitar players, Chris 'Kid' Andersen and Johnny Cat. Rounding out the band was Marc Carino and June Core. It was a fantastic way to kill an evening. When I arrived there were about two dozen people there. Four of them were in the band. Six were signed up on the list to play. Within about an hour, there were a total of about twenty people there to play.

Johnny Cat and Kid played the first set. It was filled with some incredibly high-intensity Blues. There were some excellent local players that showed up. Some of the regulars included: Scott Miller, Jerome Engleberts , Greg Greenspan, James 'Loose' Reed and Don Yonder. There were also some new faces that I hadn't seen before.

Next week, the jam will be hosted by R.J. Mischo who has just returned from a tour of the Midwest and Norway.

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