Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Blues Jam @ Murphy's Law

Last night, I hit the Pro Blues Jam at Murphy's Law in Sunnyvale. It was a great time. Mike Phillips was celebrating his birthday. Johnny Cat was in the house, as was Dennis Dove. There were a bunch of impressive players and vocalists present. One particularly impressive singer was Lee Donald of LD & The Blues Crew.

LD is a vocalist and harmonica player that is schooled in the South Side Chicago tradition. It was fun to play tunes out of the Muddy Waters, Big Walter Horton and Ray Charles songbooks along with him, Johnny Cat and Artie Chavez. Other people in attendance were Sid Morris (whose performance I missed because I was running fashionably late), Scott Miller, Greg Greenspan, Ryan Cohen and a fabulous guitar player named Bobby G.

Later in the evening, I played a few more tunes with the house band, James Brown's "Sex Machine" and a Marvin Gaye tune. The title of that tune is escaping me. That was a load of fun. Dennis Dove is a great singer. He did a couple of really nice Tyrone Davis tunes. Excellent songs that you don't usually hear at a blues jam.

The club is nice. The bartenders are cool. The house band is excellent. Most of the people performing are very good. Sadly, there were a few people that I had hoped to see, but they weren't in attendance. Overall, it was a lot of fun and well worth the drive.

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