Monday, January 30, 2006

Little Fox Theater Blues Jam

Kenny "Blue" Ray

On Wednesday night, I decided to hit the Blues Jam at the Little Fox Theater that was being hosted by Kenny "Blue" Ray. I got there a little bit later than I had expected. I arrived at about 7:45pm and I suspect that I missed the first set of music.

When I walked in, I was really surprised by the surroundings. The Little Fox Theater is a beautiful venue that seats a couple hundred people. All of the seats were taken and there were a multitude of people standing around. It was easily a full house. The sign up sheet was two pages long. There was one full page of guitar players. There were several people that didn't sign up.

Blue Ray got on the microphone and immediately said that he was limiting people to two songs. If he had limited performers to one song, he still wouldn't have been able to get everyone on stage before the festivities ended at 11:00pm.

Some of the musicians that I saw perform during the course of the evening were:

Kenny "Blue" Ray, John Nemeth, Chris "Kid" Andersen, Johnny Cat, Stan Erhart, Chris Brown, Vince Caminiti, Scott Miller, Rory Brennan, Mike Phillips, JB Davis, John Alexander Eddie B., Glenn Mandelkern, Johnny Blues Boyd, James Reed, Arthur Daugherty, Jimmy Dewrance, Ron Lowes and me.

There were several great players in the audience that he couldn't get on stage because of time like Don Yonder, Russell Barber and many more.

The musical performances were nothing short of amazing. Blue Ray put together some tremendous combinations. The most riveting performance of the evening was John Nemeth, Kid Andersen, Johnny Cat and Mike Phillips. Unfortunately, I can't remember which of the seven drummers were on stage.

It was an awesome evening of music in an amazing venue. It was a blast!

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