Wednesday, March 29, 2006

RJ Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam - 03/28 Edition

RJ Mischo was in absentia, but the Tuesday night party continued down at the Mojo Lounge. Johnny Cat, Kedar Roy and Dennis Dove hosted the festivities and did a superb job. They opened the show with a fine version of the Watermelon Man followed by an impressive version of Freddy King's The Stumble. Dennis did a great job on Tyrone Davis' Turning Point and a couple of other tunes before inviting Chris Brown and myself to start the jam. A couple of songs later, Johnny invited a female singer to sing a couple of tunes. I can't remember her name, Kate Garcia.

I can't remember who was up next. I think I missed a whole group here and I'm not sure why. Old age?

I think it was Stan Erhart, Jerome Engelberts, Greg Heumann, Wild Bill Pruitt and the amazing E-Rock. Wild Bill and E-Rock set a really nice groove. Jerome sang a couple of tunes including Big Leg Woman before turning the microphone over to Stan. He did a couple of great tunes including the Albert King classic, Oh Pretty Woman. Greg demonstrated his fine harp playing to full effect.

Next up was Jeff and Tom from the Buzzy Dupree Orchestra. They were joined by the prolific Don Yonders. Greg Heumann switched to his saxophone. Don sounded fastastic as always and he and Tom were trading off some very nice guitar soloes. After a few songs, Jeff departed and was replaced by a harp player named Benny. He sang a few tunes. A Billy Boy Arnold tune and the Muddy Water's classic, Mannish Boy. Chris Brown and Dennis Dove contributed some very nice bass playing.

Scott Duncan came up and did a couple of songs with Johnny Cat, Kedar Roy and a very good female drummer. I've seen her before at Murphy's Law and at Brandon's, but I cant remember her name. After Scott and the drummer stepped down, Dennis Dove got back up on stage. He did a great version of Tyrone Davis tune, Can I Change My Mind before the evening's festivities concluded with a killer surf medley.

With that, the evening was in the book. Damn, it was fun

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