Saturday, July 8, 2006

Saturday Night @ The Bistro

I went home and showered before returning to the Bistro. I was expecting Ronnie Stewart and the Caravan Of All Stars. Dalhart Johnson was on the stage along with a drummer and a guitar player that I had never seen before. The music was raw, earthy and very powerful. It had a very deep Southern sound to it. The place was packed with festival attendees.

The band took a break and Don Yonders walked in with his equipment. He said that Ronnie Stewart had asked him to play with the band. He asked me, if I wanted to join them. I said sure expecting to play a couple of songs.

Three hours later, the music came to an end and I was still up there. It was fun, but the heat of the day was starting to catch up with me. I looked over at Dalhart Johnson. He looked exhausted. He had been playing from about noon until 1:00am with a few breaks. He's a hardcore guy and he was booked to play the following day, too.

The guitar player and the guy doing the majority of the singing was KC Kelsey Hill. He was performing at the festival the following day with Linda Shell. He's a nice guy and he has a real unique sound that is straight out out of the South. He looked fairly young. I was shocked to find out he was performing in almost 40 years ago.

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