Sunday, August 20, 2006

Making The Rounds - Part 1

The infamous Double G and I hit the road and headed out to Half Moon Bay to see RJ Mischo and his Red Hot Blues Band at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company. RJ had Anthony Paule, Vance Ehlers, Robi Bean and a sax player that I had never seen before. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we arrived a bit late, but still managed to catch a couple of groovy sets. There was a lot of drinking, dancing and carrying on.

After RJ concluded his fine show, we split and headed to the Old Princeton Landing hosted by the fabulous Stan Erhart. There were a bunch of familiar faces in the house including: Stan, Vince Caminiti, Norm Decarlo, Robert Gaustad, John Lull and other folks from the Redwood City Jam. It's was a really fun jam. Thanks to Robert for letting me use his fine Bassman for a couple of tunes.

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