Saturday, April 21, 2007

Steve Freund @ The Mojo Lounge

Man! Last night, we had a ball at the Mojo Lounge! Steve Freund, Tim Wagar and Robi Bean showed up and playing nothing but the natural, down-in-the-alley kind of Blues. Spencer Jarrett was in the house. He played a few tunes and sounded fantastic.

I've been seeing Steve for a long time, much longer than I care to admit. He always manages to throw in one or two tunes that I hadn't heard him do before. Last night, he played a bunch of stuff that I had never heard him do before. He turned several of us on to some seriously deep music.

If you were there, you saw a great show. If not, you're gonna have to wait until next time. However, in this case procrastination will not guarantee high quality entertainment by one of the finest Blues bands the West Coast has to offer.

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