Sunday, May 20, 2007

Carol Fran Benefit

Sid Morris, Norm Decarlo and Barrelhouse Solly opened the show with some killer old school style Blues. Just a piano, drums and singer. It was really great stuff. Russell Barber and Eddie B joined them for a bit. Jimmy Dewrance got up with them (replacing BS 1) and did several tunes.

Steve Freund got up with Jon Lawton, Sid Morris, Eddie B, Norm and me for a few tunes. It was good to hear Jon Lawton again. He was in fine form. The exchange between him and Steve was excellent. These guys work really well together. It was a real treat to share the stage with them.

Next up was Double G, East Bay Wes, Russell, Mike Phillips and Norm. They did a really nice set featuring an obscure classic, "Potato Diggin' Man." Wes really tore it up on the slide guitar.

James Reed got up. He was joined by Mighty Mike Schermer, Jon Lawton, Andrew Griffin and Mike Phillips. After a couple of tunes, Mike Schermer left. Marvin Greene got up for a few tunes. James stepped down and Phil Berkowitz got up. Jon Lawton picked up the bass.

The evening closed with some excellent tunes by the big voice of Barrelhouse Solly featuring Jimmy Dewrance, Marvin Greene, Scott Miller (playing bass) and Andrew Griffin.

It was a very fun night. Lots of great music was played during the five hours of nearly continuous music. I was dead tired by the end of it.

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