Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Steve Freund @ The Mojo Lounge

Tuesday night, I stopped into the World Famous Tuesday Night Blues jam at the Mojo Lounge in Fremont. The fabulous Steve Freund was the host. I forgot about the new 8:30pm start time and I arrived shortly after the music started. Steve was onstage with Robi Bean, Marc Carino and Jon Lawton playing nothing but traditional, old school Blues. It was really cool music and a very cool, relaxed vibe that continued on throughout the course of the evening. Jon Lawton sounded excellent as usual.

During the break, I was surprised to learn that Jon had broken his hand and the possibility of him never playing again was discussed. He is planning on returning to the Mojo Lounge next Tuesday night and he will be appearing at Biscuits & Blues with his All Star band next week.

It was a really good night jam-wise. There were some really good performances by: Phil Berkowitz, Barrelhouse Solly, East Bay Wes, LD (from LD and Blues Redemption) and Double G. There were some new people in attendance including a harp player with a killer sound named Charlie and a couple of horn players.

Many people in the crowd also became misty at the tearful and triumphant return of Don Yonders after his recent triple bypass surgery. Despite some problems with his fretting hand, he sounded really good and it was great to see him back on the scene.

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