Saturday, November 10, 2007

Steve Freund @ The Poor House Bistro

I went out Friday night. I caught Steve Freund with the fabulous Burton Winn and the Human Timepiece, Robi Bean at the Poor House Bistro. I met a couple of people from the office down there. It was a fun evening. Steve and his trio played some fabulous Blues, old school style.

One of the fun things about the Poor House is that there are always some fabulous players milling around soaking up the sounds or sitting in on a few tunes. Sid Morris was present and enjoying a fine evening out. Jimmy Dewrance hanging out with friends. Scott Miller was present and accounted for. Suzy Tyler and Eddie Mac played a couple of really nice tunes. Harp player, Aki Kumar was enjoying a fine meal. Overall, it was a really fun evening.

Here is a short video of me sitting in with Steve and his excellent trio on the Floyd Jones classic, Dark Road.

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