Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hummel and Freund at the Mojo Lounge

Mark Hummel & Steve Freund

Mark Hummel dropped into the World Famous Tuesday Night Blues Jam at the Mojo Lounge hosted by Steve Freund. Mark joined Steve midway through the first set and played some killer tunes. (See above and see more of the evening's festivities on my youtube channel.).

The place was jam packed last night. There was a group of people from Norway. There were a bunch of local folks that dropped in including:

Gil DeLeon, Eddie B, Russell Barber, Don Yonders, Esat Bay Wes, Double G, Scott Miller, Scott Duncan, Cornelius, Mark Hummel, Mick Kilgos, Jon Lawton, Wendy Dewitt, Jimmy Johnson, Earl Smith, Beth Kohnen and a whole bunch more people that I'm forgetting.

Steve proved that he is a very capable juggler. I think he got
everyone up that stuck around.

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