Friday, July 30, 2010

Mini Meat Memories

I had a lot of fun with the Mini Meat, but I decided it was time to part ways. It had a very unique sound to it and there really is nothing else like it. It had a very cool "in your face" sound to it that was only equaled by it's very "in your face" appearance. Bright red tweed and gold grill cloth makes a very striking statement!

Here is a reminder of my old friend. This was recorded at the Mojo Lounge Blues Jam. Lonesome Flight is original tune performed by Steve Freund (guitar/vocals), Eddie B (bass), June Core (drums) and me(harmonica). This tune and twelve other songs are his new CD, Lonesome Flight on 9 Below Records.


Ricky Bush said...

Mighty gnarly tone there, Joe! I listened to a pretty good player yesterday blowing through at Mini and was impressed with it. They ain't being made like yours any longer, so it might be collectible. On second thought, by the time it becomes collectible, only your grandkids will be able to collect on it--so sell it.

Joe's Blues Blog said...

Hi Ricky - The Mini's new owner has taken delivery. I ended up flipping it for a Super Sonny.