Monday, February 6, 2012

Shure Green Bullet Demo

A while back, I was reading an Internet forum about the merits of a variety of microphones commonly used by harmonica players.  The microphone in question was the Shure Green Bullet.  Since, I had several of these microphones, I decided to pull out a few of them do some back to back testing.  I decided to run the various micrphones through my tweed Champ clone to eliminate tweaking of an amplifier's tone controls.

For this test, I plugged the microphone directly into the amplifier.  I set the volume control on the amp at six.  I ran the following microphones through the test:
  1. A Shure controlled magnetic element (99A86) in a JT30 shell.
  2. A Mexican-made Shure controlled magnetic element in a 520D shell
  3. A modern dynamic Shure element in a 520DX shell.

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