Sunday, March 4, 2012

Astatic JT-30 Demo

In the spirit of my last couple of entries, I thought I would break out some microphones.  This time, I grabbed a brand new Astatic JT30 Roadhouse, a Hohner Blues Blaster with a MC-151 element and a Hohner Blues Blaster with a Shure Controlled Magnetic Element.  I plugged them into a Super Sonny amplifier.  I set up a Zoom H2 recorder about ten feet away from the amp and played a bit. 
  1. Microphone 1
  2. Microphone 2
  3. Microphone 3
Which mic is which?


CapnKen said...

It's hard to tell playing through that amp. you should play through a crappy amp like mine, then we would know which mic helped the tone of the amp. My guess is # 1 I play through a JT30 RH and it sounds better than a SM57 but feedback is an issue.

Joe's Blues Blog said...

Here are the answers.

1. MC-151
2. JT30RH
3. CM