Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tweed Champ Clone

About seven years ago, I had the desire to build something.  I settled on a guitar amplifier.  I ended up buying a tweed Champ kit from Marsh Amplification.

When I purchased the amp, I opted for a smooth cone Signature series 8" Weber speaker as an option over the ceramic speaker.  I was also sent a lacquered cabinet.

The quality of the kit was great.  I had some problems that could be chalked up to it being my first build.  Once I got it straightened out, it has worked flawlessly.

After playing with the amp for a couple of years and loaning it out for a few recording 
sessions, the original speaker died.  

I really liked the sound of the smooth cone Weber in the amp.  After reading an evaluation of 8" speakers in harp amps written by Brian Purdy of Harpgear amps, I decided that I was going to pick up a smooth cone Vintage series Weber speaker.  I settled on the 8A125-O speaker with a H dust cap.

Compare the two speakers, the original Signature series on the left, the Vintage series on the right. 

How does it sound?  

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