Monday, November 7, 2005

RJ Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam - 11/01 Edition

Last Tuesday night, I stopped by RJ Mischo's World Famous Tuesday Night Blues Jam hosted at the infamous Mojo Lounge.

It was a great evening. I arrived early and brought my little amp down there for a test run. RJ set it up front and center. After he got it all set up with his delay pedal, it sounded absolutely fabulous.

RJ shook up the normal mix by having some different faces on the bandstand at the beginning of the evening. Kenny "Blue" Ray, Kedar Roy and June Core rounded out the band. RJ started the evening's festivities with a couple of fabulous Little Walter-influenced instrumentals.

After a fabulous first set, RJ brought J.C. Smith up to the bandstand. He sang a few tunes before being joined onstage by Aki Kumar They really played well off of each other.

After that, the rest of the night was a blur to me. There were a zillion harmonica players and drummers in the house. RJ called me up and I played a tune with him and the guys. He brought up Stan Erhart and Norm Decarlo. Stan sang a very nice version of "Serves Me Right To Suffer."

James Reed of Mojo Madness did a couple of tunes. He called me up to join him. Once, we got some communication difficulties out of the way, we had some fun trading solos on a Howlin' Wolf number.

Maxx Cabello played a couple of tunes with Freddie Roulette. The Buzzy Dupree Band played three or four tunes before Arthur Daugherty closed out the evening with Kenny "Blue" Ray.

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