Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Weekend Activities

The Sheiks Of R&B

Saturday night, I went down to the Mojo Lounge and caught a set and a half of the Sheiks Of R&B. The Sheiks consist of Jerome Engelberts, J.B. Davis and Luke Piro. The put on a very enjoyable show consisting of some rather obscure blues and R&B tunes. They were joined by a pair of saxophone players from San Francisco, Ray and Skip.

Me @ The Bistro
Dave Walker Blues Jam @ The Bistro

Sunday, I dropped in on the Dave Walker Band at the Bistro. When I arrived, the jam was already underway. I stopped to talk to Scott "Phil Harmonica" Hickman outside. Greg Greenspan and Ryan Eric were already onstage with the band. After getting to see one song, they took a break. After the break, I played a few of tunes with Dave and his band. It was a good time.

"Thanks to Ryan Cohen for the photo.

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