Tuesday, May 23, 2006

RJ Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam - 05/23 Edition

RJ was still in absentia. John Nemeth was MC and bandleader for the evening and it was a fabulous evening filled with fun, frolic and great music provided by a fine house band consisting of John Nemeth (harp/vocals), Mighty Mike Schermer (guitar/vocals), Vance Ehlers (bass) and Hans Bosse (drums).

A multitude of musical guests graced the stage including:

Group #1: John Nemeth (harp/vocals), Mighty Mike Schermer (guitar/vocals), Vance Ehlers (bass) and Hans Bosse (drums). A tough, tough group.

Group #2: John, Chris Brown (guitar), Vance and Hans. One song. Short and sweet before John introduced Jimmy D.

Group #3: Jimmy Dewrance (harp/vocals), Chris, Vance and Hans. Jimmy Dewrance was sounding fantastic. He worked well with Chris Brown. A very nice extended set.

There was a break.

Group #4: John Nemeth (harp/vocals), Gino Baronelli (guitar/vocals), Ryan Eric (guitar), Ray Figueroa (bass), Eric (keys), Freddie Roulette (lap steel) and E-Rock (drums). John did a couple of nice tunes before turning the vocal microphone to Gino who snag a fine version of the classic "Look On Yonder Wall."

Group #5: Armelle (vocals), unknown (guitar), Ray, Freddie and unknown (drums). Armelle brought the guitar player and drummer to the jam. They are younger guys and quite good. I had never seen them before. Armelle is a fine vocalist. You can tell that she has been working with these guys. They sounded tight. Very nice set featuring a fine version of the Work Song.

There was a break.

Group #6: John Nemeth (vocals), Mighty Mike Schermer (guitar), Scott Miller (guitar/vocals), Double G (harp), Freddie Roulette (lap steel), Vance Ehlers (bass) and Hans Bosse (drums). John did a couple of tunes to kick off the set. The interplay between Mike Schermer and Scott Miller was really cool. The Potato Digging Man, Double G demonstrated some very good harp playing.

Group #7: Mighty Mike (guitar/vocals), Don Yonders (without an S/guitar), me (harp), Freddie, Vance and Hans. Mike sang a couple of tunes. One in an Elmore James style and exhibited some fine slide guitar playing. Freddie Roulette's playing was so cool that it was ice cold. The other song was a really nice version of Long Distance Call with Don Yonders tossing in a great guitar solo straight from the South Side of Chicago.

Group #8: John Nemeth (vocals), Mighty Mike, Don Yonders, Tom (from the Buzzy Dupree Orchestra) (guitar), Freddie, Vance and Hans. The last couple of tunes were in the classic early BB King style and I had never heard them before. The three guitar players worked well together each taking turns playing some very nice and very tasteful guitar solos.

and it was in the history books.

The thing that is great about the Mojo jam is that it's an excellent opportunity to share the stage with some great musicians. More importantly, even if one doesn't play it's a really fun place to hang out. I don't usually frequent a lot of blues jams, but this one keeps me coming back because the people are cool and the music is usually top notch.

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