Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ron Hacker & Steve Freund @ The Ivy Room

It was a very cool evening of music at the Ivy Room last night. The Yahoo Bay Area Blues Group had a really good turn out. It was nice to put names to faces and to see some people that I hadn't seen in a while.

Steve Freund kicked off a great evening of music with the trio before bringing up his special guest, Ron Hacker. It was an excellent first set which kicked off a very cool evening of music. Later in the set, Artie Chavez joined the group.

During the second set, Steve introduced an additional special guest, the infamous Cadillac Zack got up a played a few tunes with the band before Ron came back up to the stage.

In the final set, Steve called Stan Erhart, Burton Winn and Donnie Kountz up to the stage along with Birdlegg. They did a few numbers together. Afterward, we called Cadillac Zack and Ron Hacker back up, along with Rontu Karr. After a few more tunes, it was a wrap and in the history books.

Overall, it was non-stop tough roadhouse style music from beginning to end and a very interesting contrast to the Freund/Specter shows of the previous weekend.

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