Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dave Walker Jam @ The Bistro in Hayward

Sunday afternoon - I had a few hours to kill so I met Double G and East Bay Wes at The Bistro in beautiful downtown Hayward to soak up some sounds and play a few songs at Dave Walker's Blues Jam. It had been a while, since I visited that jam. The last time that I was there, Dave Walker was in absentia. He must have known that I was heading there, because he was absent and the jam was being hosted by Andrew. He's a funky singer with an unique spin on some classic songs.

I don't know many of the people that hang out at this jam, but I did see some familiar faces. Harp players Mark Irwin, Chuck Yolland (of the Blues Bottle Band) and Double G got up and played some. East Bay Wes contributed some fine sounding guitar work.

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