Friday, August 10, 2007

John Nemeth and Junior Watson @ The Poor House Bistro

Jr Watson, June Core, Mike Phillips, Kid Andersen & Jay Meduri

Friday afternoon, I was having lunch at Jonathan's Fish & Chips in Menlo Park and ran into Eddie B. He told me that something very cool was going to go down at the Poor House Bistro. So I got in the car and rolled down to San Jose to see John Nemeth and his special guest, Junior Watson. It was a very cool evening of music by John Nemeth, Junior Watson and Kedar Roy. I can't remember the name of the drummer.

The music was excellent. There was a party like atmosphere. There were guest performances by Gary Smith and Kid Andersen. There were a lot of musicians and friends in attendance including: Kid Andersen, Eddie B, Chris Brown, Johnny Cat, June Core, Jimmy Dewrance, Double G, East Bay Wes, Mark Irwin, Amy Lou, Scott Miller, Robin Overton, Mike Phillips, Lara Price, Gary Smith and Don Yonders

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