Sunday, December 2, 2007

Blue Monday on a Sunday Afternoon

This past Sunday, I made the trek to the Horseman's Club in Sacramento. Big Mike Balma along with the Sacramento Heritage Festival puts on a few really awesome Blues shows each year.

This year was no exception and it was a show not to be missed. It was well worth the two hour drive from my house as we don't get to see shows like this out here very often.

The vibe is super laid back. Everyone is having a good time. The performers in the bands are relaxed and hanging out. Many of them haven't seen each other in a while. They setting is informal enough to allow each other to sit in, so the band combinations vary a bit. It makes for very spontaneous and fun performances that you aren't likely to see unless you catch these folks hanging out at each other's gigs in Chicago.

It's about as close to a south side Blue Monday party as you'll get on the West Coast on a Sunday afternoon.

Linsey Alexander

First up was Linsey Alexander. He was backup up by Sacramento's premier blues band, the Jeff Watson Band. They started off the afternoon's festivities with a big bang. Mr Alexander was using a wireless microphone system and treated the audience to an intimate performance featuring some very nice vocals and sparking guitar work.

Smoke & Big Time Sarah

After a brief intermission, the Teardrops got up and backed the fabulous Big Time Sarah. Sarah has been around the Chicago scene for more than two decades. She always puts on a fabulous show. She's an amazing singer and entertainer. If you've seen her, you know she has a great stage show. If you haven't seen her, she is well worth seeing, even if you have to go to Chicago to do it!

Magic Slim

Finally, Magic Slim came up. What can be said about Magic Slim that hasn't already been said? The head of Wolf Records in Austria called Magic Slim and the Teardrops the world's greatest band. While some may argue that point, there is no doubt that Slim puts on a tremendous show. He did just that.

The end of the evening featured an impromptu jam with the trio from Chicago. Jon McDonald opened up the set with a really nice solo tune before the rest of them got up. With Sarah and Slim up there, it was pretty damn funny. It was an awesome day!

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