Saturday, December 15, 2007

Internet Finds

It amazing what turns up on the web. I knew that Steve Ahola records his sets at some of the local blues jams. I didn't know that he was putting them on the web, too. I suppose I should feel violated, but I don't.

Here are a few songs with me blowing the harp. They are all Blues tunes, so if you don't dig non-studio quality Blues recordings this might not be your scene.

This one is from the Mojo Lounge Tuesday night jam in Fremont, CA. in February of 2007. This one features Scott Miller on vocals and guitar along with Steve Ahola. I can't remember who else we were playing with.

1. Strange Woman

This set was recorded at the Redwood City Blues Jam in Redwood City, CA. I suspect that the recording device was on the guitar amp, so the harp playing cuts in and out depending on the guitarist's volume. I've got another set of recordings from this set that sound a bit better, but they aren't on the web.

It features the vocal and talent guitar work of John Boutell. Steve Ahola plays guitar and Artie Chavez is playing drums. I forgot who is playing bass.

1. Somebody Stole My Baby From Me
2. Got My Mojo Working
3. Shake Your Boogie
4. Don't Lie To Me

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