Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Week In Review

It's been a couple of interesting weeks.

Last week, I was in Denver on a business trip. I was planning on dropping in a Dan Treanor's blues jam at the Boulder Outlook. Unfortunately, the information on their website was inaccurate. I got there and there were a few people hanging around eating pizza. I left.

I headed to a blues jam at Ziggie's Saloon in Denver hosted by Papa Juke. I hung out and played with a pretty righteous group. We played for about an hour. I also jammed with a harp player and microphone tech named Chris Richards.

On Wednesday, I stopped into the D Note in Arvada to jam with the Clamdaddy's. I hung out for a while. Since I had to work early the next day, I couldn't hang out until the end. It was a good time.

Thursday afternoon, I headed back home.

Saturday night, I went to the Mojo Lounge to see Steve Freund. He put on a great show!

Tuesday night, I dropped into the Mojo Lounge for the blues jam. Steve was hosting the jam. It was a crazy night that also marked the return of the infamous Don Yonders.

It was a fun filled week.

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