Friday, August 19, 2005

RJ Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam - 08/16 Edition

RJ Mischo hosts one of the best Blues jams that I've ever attended. It is also one of the busiest. This past Tuesday's edition was a great one. Keeping in the tradition of you never know who is going to show up, the rumor on the street was that Nick Moss and the Flip Tops would be backing RJ must have spread like a wildfire in dried grass. When I arrived at the Mojo Lounge, the place was jam packed with enough professional musicians to create a pretty mean Blues festival.

The band consisted of RJ, Gerry Hundt, Piano Willie, Wes Starr and Vance Ehlers. The first set was great and very laid back. Everyone was seated, except for Vance playing the upright bass. It had a very classic front porch feel to it. About half way into the first set, Gerry Hundt set his guitar down and started playing the mandolin.

You would have needed a scorecard to keep track of everyone that was onstage. While I was writing this, I tried to remember everyone that performed, but it wasn't possible. Here is what I can remember:
  • RJ Mischo, Gerry Hundt, Piano Willie, Wes Starr and Vance Ehlers
  • RJ Mischo, Marvin Greene, Piano Willie, Wes Starr and Vance Ehlers
  • Junior Crudup, RJ Mischo, Marvin Greene, Piano Willie, Wes Starr and Vance Ehlers
  • John Nemeth, Marvin Greene, Sid Morris, Norm Decarlo and Vance Ehlers
  • Randy Peretta, Vince Caminiti and a bunch of guys that I've never seen before.
  • Southside Slim, Vince Caminiti, E-Rock, an unknown harp player and Vance Ehlers
  • Southside Slim, E-Rock, Vance Ehlers, Glenn Mandelkern, Don Yonder and me.
  • RJ Mischo, Gerry Hundt, Glenn Mandelkern, Don Yonder, Wild Bill Pruitt and me.
  • Mark Hummel (harp/vocals), Gerry Hundt (guitar), Don Yonder, Bob Welsh, Wes Starr and Wild Bill Pruitt
  • Mark Hummel (guitar), Gerry Hundt (harp/vocals), Bob Welsh, Wes Starr and Wild Bill Pruitt

There was a-whole-nother set, but I can't remember everyone else that played.

Here is a list of everyone that I saw in the place and I am likely missing some names.

RJ Mischo, Little Junior Crudup, John Nemeth, Southside Slim from LA, Mark Hummel, Gerry Hundt, Lisa, Piano Willie, Bob Welsh, Sid Morris, Glenn Mandelkern, Marvin Greene, Don Yonder, Vince Caminiti, Russell Barber, Johnny Reyes, Chris Brown, Ryan Eric, Randy Peretta, Toby, Vance Ehlers, Mike Phillips, Wild Bill Pruitt, Eddie B, Wes, E-Rock, Norm DeCarlo, Screamin' Ian, Barrelhouse Solly, James Reed, Arthur Daugherty, Greg Greenspan, Jeff Ballard, a couple of new guys and me.

The music was great all night long. It was cool to play with Southside Slim. He's an excellent singer. His guitar playing was very intense and powerful. He took control of the stage. It was really fun playing with him.

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