Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Swine Flu Edition

I've managed to pick up the swine flu and have been sick all week long. Before I got sick, I caught the Tip of the Tip show on Saturday night at the Grand Dell Saloon in Campbell, CA. The place was full and it was a fun evening featuring some fine music. Sunday, I went to the Old Princeton Landing to catch Stan Erhart's Super Jam. I ended up playing with Stan and some of the guys. My friend, Bobbi Goodman, caught us on video and posted it on youtube. Little did I know the swine flu was getting ready to open up a can of whoop ass on me.

Recently, I updated my photo gallery. I've included photos from the most recent show at the Horseman's Club which featured: Carl Weathersby, Hubert Sumlin, James Cotton and Ronnie Baker Brooks. I also added some photos from various shows I attended this summer including: Alabama Mike, Kid Andersen, JC Smith, Andy Santana and most of the line up at the Redwood City Blues Festival.

Over and out.


Ricky Bush said...

Sorry to hear that you had the swine flu blues, Joe. Looks like you enjoyed some fine music before it got you, though.

Mike Lynch said...

Man, I was sick with the flu too. That was three weeks ago, and I still have the stinkin' cough!

Mike Lynch said...

Hey Joe - I dug looking through your photo gallery. I see that our old seattle friend Pat Chase is there (he lives in El Paso now). I'll have to give you a shout the next time I'm in in the Bay area.