Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Birdlegg's World Famous Blues Jam - 9/06 Edition

Tuesday night, R.J. Mischo was on vacation. In his absence, Birdlegg was hosting the World Famous Blues Jam at the Mojo Lounge.

It was a really fun evening. The band for the evening included: Birdlegg, John Graham, Vance Ehlers and Norm Decarlo. There were a multitude of guests including: Mark Hummel, Little Junior Crudup, Arthur Daugherty, Don Yonder, Jerome Engelberts, Ryan Eric, E-Rock, me and many more.

I had the opportunity to play a few songs with Little Junior Crudup, Don Yonder, Ryan, Vance Ehlers and a drummer named Tom. It was a good time. Junior sang a couple of really nice slow tunes before finishing up with Turn On Your Love Light. It's always a blast to be on the stage with him. He's an excellent singer and entertainer.

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