Monday, February 13, 2006

Marvin Greene & RJ Mischo @ Poor House Bistro

Lindsay w/ Johnny Cat, Marvin Greene, RJ Mischo

Saturday night, I loaded the family into the van and we headed down to the Poor House Bistro to catch the duo of Marvin Greene and R.J. Mischo at the Poor House Bistro.

It was a really weird evening. The Sharks were playing at the Arena. When we pulled into the parking lot at the Poor House, we immediately found a parking spot. When we walked into the covered patio, it was jam packed. There were a couple of huge parties. We were able to immediately find a seat as another family was leaving for the arena. What luck!

Marvin and RJ put on a really cool show for the dinner crowd. They played a lot of really old school Blues from the pre-war Bluebird period. They asked me to join them for a couple of tunes. It was a blast to play some old school Blues. After a bit, Johnny Cat dropped in for a bit. Unfortunately, the twin natives were getting restless, so we packed up the family and headed home for the remainder of the evening.

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