Monday, February 13, 2006

Photos For 2006

Photos for 2006 can be found here.

Horseman's Club (02/12/2006):

Fillmore Slim, Frankie Lee, Joe Louis Walker, Bobbie Webb, Rick Estrin, Kenny Neal, Lucky Peterson, Rico McFarland, James Cotton, Slam Allen, Tom Holland, Johnny Rawls, Billy Dunn and Omar Shariff.

Little Fox Theater Jam (02/08/2006):

Lara Price, Kenny Neal and Taylor P Collins.

Mojo Lounge (02/07/2006 and 01/31/2006):

Don Yonders and the electrifying Double G.

Poor House Bistro (02/04/2006):

Johnny Cat, Marvin Greene and RJ Mischo.

Cavalcade of Blues (01/28/2006):

Kenny "Blue" Ray, Charlie Chavez, Artie Chavez, Ray Figeroa, Vince Caminiti, Greg Heumann, George Landreth, David Vincent, Tom DeFiglio, Allyson Paige, John Lull, Jim Moore, Jerome Engelberts, JB Davis, George Schoenstein, Madison Sink and Kerry Daly.

Mojo Lounge (01/27/2006):

Mark Hummel, Charles Wheal, Steve Wolf and Marty Dodson.

Little Fox Theater Jam(01/25/2006):

Johnny Blues Boyd, Jimmy Dewrance, Arthur Daugherty, Slim, James "Loose" Reed, JB Davis, Glenn Mandelkern, Rory Brennan, Chris Brown, Stan Erhart, Eddy B, Johnny Cat, John Nemeth, Chris "Kid" Andersen, Kenny "Blue" Ray, Ron Lowes, Mike Phillips and Vince Caminiti.

Poor House Bistro (01/13/2006):

Little Frank Krakowski

Mojo Lounge (01/03/2006):

Kenny "Blue" Ray

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