Monday, February 13, 2006

RJ Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam - 02/07 Edition

Double G & one of his many admirers

It was a very mellow and low key evening at the Mojo Lounge for the umpteenth edition of R.J. Mischo's World Famous Blues Jam. The band consisted of Kenny "Blue" Ray, Marc Carino and June Core.

The started the evening with a very mellow set that kept the music down in the alley. Attendance was light, so R.J. decided to keep things low key and had a Front Porch theme going. Joining the band during the course of the evening was: Johnny Cat, Kid Andersen, Don Yonder, E-Rock and Freddie Roulette.

I sat in during the final set of the evening with the amazing Double G who has recently returned to the Blues scene after a twenty year absence. Whenever, you get to sit in with a performer that has a deep pedigree like Double G, it's always an indescribable moment.

I was so overcome with emotion that I had to leave the stage after a couple of songs. Fortunately, I was able to capture Double G in action with one of his many adoring fans at his feet in a truly magical moment.

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