Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hayward/Russell City After Party - Saturday Night

Gino Baronelli jamming with the Sons of Blues

It was back to the Bistro for more post-festival fun.

For a while, it didn't look like anything was going to happen.

Last year, Don Yonders and I ended up playing with some of the members of the Caravan of All Stars and KC Kelsey.

This year, things weren't looking good. A member of the Bay Area Blues Society was playing the keyboards and guitar to a backing track through the PA.

Just as I was finishing up my beer, Billy Branch, Nick Charles and Mose Rutues walked in. There was no bass, so I offered to run Nick back to the hotel to pick up his bass. When we returned, Tail Dragger and Big Time Sarah were in the house.

Shortly afterward, the music started. Billy kicked off the festivities with a really nice boogie that was reminiscent of Big Walter's Boogie. He did a few more tunes. Lurrie Bell sang a few. Tail Dragger did a couple great tunes and Big Time Sarah followed him with a less than G-Rated performance that was highly entertaining! For the final tune of the evening, Billy called me up with a vocalist that I had never seen before.

Two hours flew by quickly. It was a fun evening of music.

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