Thursday, July 5, 2007

Mid-week Briefs

Monday - I went to Bay Area's forgotten jam at Murphy's Law. Caught Mighty Mike Schermer, Kedar Roy and June Core in action. June Core had just returned from a European tour with Charlie Musselwhite. These guys sounded great and put on a really good show. They had some high quality people dropping in to jam like Big John Stokes and Chris Brown. Mike, Kedar and June were kind enough to let me sit in with them on a couple of songs. That was a good time.

Tuesday - The Mojo jam was really cool. The place was packed. Steve Freund, Marc Carino and Robi Bean sounded fantastic. The opening set was really excellent! About a third of the way through the first seet, Steve invited Jimmy Mulleniux and me to join him on a couple of tunes. It was off the hook.

There were a lot of excellent performers in the house including: Jimmy Mulleniux, Screamin' Iain, Spencer Jarrett, Barrelhouse Solly, Freddie Roulette, Don Yonders, Double G, Steve Ahola, Tumbleweed and several other people. It was a really fun evening.

Wednesday - I dragged the family to the Poor House Bistro. We arrived a bit early to catch some of the fine music by the Poor House Bistro All Stars. The identity of the players was unknown until we arrived. Bob Welsh, Marvin Greene, Dave Chavez, Jimmy Dewrance, Hans Bosse, Gary Smith, Frank Derose, Sid Morris and Jay Meduri. The music was top notch. The food was excellent and the view of the fireworks was fantastic.

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