Friday, July 6, 2007

Pre-Hayward/Russell City Fest Bash @ The Bistro

Pre-Hayward/Russell City Fest Bash @ The Bistro|CONTENT|

Lurrie Bell, Carl Weathersby & Big Time Sarah

Friday night before the Hayward/Russell City Blues Festival, the Bay Area Blues Society's Caravan of All Stars performed at the Bistro in Hayward to give the patrons of this fine establishment a free taste of what the festival was to offer.

When I walked in Teddy "Bluesmaster" Watson was performing. He did a couple of excellent songs. He was followed up by a very good female singer called Xmphoni. After she did about four or five songs, the band took a break.

During the break the Chicago contingent walked into the bar. The group consisted of Lurrie Bell, Carl Weathersby, Big Time Sarah and Tail Dragger. It was sort of surreal seeing these people walk into a bar in downtown Hayward.

Ronnie started up the next set and began calling up guests. Tail Dragger put on an excellent show. Big Time Sarah was phenomenal. Carl Weathersby did a really nice version of The Town I Live In.

As quickly as the evening began, it was over.

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