Sunday, October 21, 2007

An Evening @ Bobby G's Pizzeria

I made the trek up to Berkeley to catch the inaugural performance at Bobby Gs Pizzeria.

Originally, I wasn't planning on making it that show. It was my daughter's homecoming dance and I was expecting to play chauffeur for the evening. I got a last minute reprieve at about 7:45pm, so I decided to high tail it up to Bobby G's.

I arrived at the tail end of the first set. The food is great. The vibe is really nice. There were a lot of familiar and friendly faces that I hadn't seen in a long time.

The musical entertsinment was excellent. Steve Freund and Tim Wagar sounded great. It was an evening filled with some really nice and deep Blues in an old school style demonstrating the raw emotional power of this genre of music.

In addition to Robert and his curteous staff, there were several fine folks in attendance including: BJ, John Graham, Jeannie, Don Yonders and his lovely spouse, Double G and his lovely spouse, Dave Workman, Robin Oveton and Jerry Haussler.

There were a few guests. Mz Dee got up during the second set. She sounded excellent! Bad Bobby G joined Steve and Tim for a couple of tunes. He blew some very nice harp. He said he hadn't played in months, but it didn't show. He sounded strong. Steve invited me to sit in for a couple of songs.

Formerly from Oakland, but now one of the leading blues men in Amsterdam, Lamar Chase played a couple of very cool tunes.

Overall, it was a fine evening.

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