Monday, October 15, 2007

Last Week's Report

Last week was action packed.

Tuesday night, I hit the jam at the Mojo Lounge. Steve Freund put on a really cool show during the first set, which started promptly @ 8:30pm. The second set which featured Chris Brown and James Reed was also very nice.

Wednesday night, I went down to the Little Fox to wish Wendy Dewitt a very happy birthday. She sounded great. I had seen Rene Solis several times in the past with Nitecry, but his performance with Wendy impressed me. I jammed with John Boutell, Steve Ahola and the Artie Chavez.

I caught a great set by Don Yonders, East Bay Wes, Robert Leroy Jones, Ray Figueroa and James Reed.

Friday night, I went down to the Mojo Lounge and caught a fantastic show by Terry Hanck.

Saturday night, I went to JJ's to catch Steve Freund in action for three killer sets in a very Chicago-like setting. The lovely Suzy Tyler did a couple of very cool tunes. The not-quite-as-lovely, but still good looking Barrelhouse Solly also contributed a couple of nice old school tunes. Solly is one of the few singers that can do justice to the pre-war sounds and Steve does an awesome job of providing perfect and sympathetic backing.

I learned a couple of things this week. First and most important, I don't bounce back as well as I did when I was younger.

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