Monday, October 1, 2007

Saturday Night @ the Saloon

Saturday night at the Saloon with Steve Freund was an absolute blast. The stars were lining up to be a good night when I found a parking spot less than a half a block away.

The joint was jumping and people were having fun. Steve, Robi and Burt sounded great! They starting off the evening with a couple of nice, mellow instrumentals before launching into some really deep stuff.

Steve Kaufman sat in during the first set. Ron Hacker was milling around the place, as was Stan Erhart, who had performed earlier in the evening.

Kid Andersen joined Steve on the second set. John Nemeth did a couple of tunes with them. The highlight of the night was an absolutely intense and jaw dropping version of the BB King classic, "Sweet Sixteen." Steve was on fire from the first note and played some absolutely amazing stuff. I thought Steve was going to spontaneously combust and the Kid delivered some really nice Earl Hooker influenced guitar work, too.

Apparently, it was also a Girl's Night Out, as I saw Shauna, the Nuclear Blonde and members of her female entourage in attendance. Shauna also got up and sang a couple of tunes.

It was really fun night.

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