Sunday, December 28, 2008

Andy Santana & the West Coast Playboys

The past couple of weeks have been hectic. I decided to drop into the Poor House Bistro for a bit to see Andy Santana. Andy is a fabulous harmonica player, guitarist and singer. He's fronted a band called the West Coast Playboys for a long time. He's got some great tunes and he performs some very nice cover versions of songs that aren't heard very often. Joining Andy was Johnny Cat on guitar, Mike Phillips on bass and Butch Cousins on drums. It was a really cool evening of music.

One of the cool things about the Poor House Bistro is that it's a pretty casual atmosphere. It attracts a number of musicians, so you never know who will drop in. Jay Meduri, Marvin Greene, Big John Stokes and AC Myles played some guitar during the course of the evening. Johnny O, Aki Kumar and I played a little bit of harp. Johnny O was nice enough to allow us play through his Kinder Soulful amplifier.


Ricky Bush said...

Hey Joe--

How was that Soulful amp? I've heard a few folks talk about them, but seems they trade 'em off or up. Man, I envy the jams that you have at your finger-tips. I have one of Santana's CDs from awhile back w/Junior Watson and the man sure can wail on harp. AND sing.

See ya--

Joe's Blues Blog said...

Hi Ricky,

Andy Santana is a really good guitar player, too.

We do have some cool jams around here. This event wasn't one of them.

A lot of the musicians are pretty generous with stage time at their gigs. I've had the opportunity to sit in with some really great players in the past few years. I use this blog to try to keep track of the people that I've played with.

That Kinder Soulful amp was pretty cool. I thought it sounded pretty good. I only played one tune through it, so it was hard to judge. It packs a lot of sound in a relatively small package. It didn't sound as cool as his brown Concert, but it was still cool.

A friend of mine captured some video and is threatening to put it on youtube.