Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Moved In

Well, it took several weeks, but I am finally moved in and I took four years of blog postings with me from my previous site.

The main purpose of this blog is pretty simple. I attempt to document the various Blues related activities that I have going on.


First, I think there might be a few people that are interested in this stuff. Second, I am getting older and I thought I should write it down so I don't forget stuff.

What will you find here? A bunch of stuff. Mostly, it will be things that interest me like:
  • Information about the various blues shows I see.
  • Pimping my project of photographically documenting the blues scene in the San Francisco. This is a project that I have been working on since 2000.
  • I mess around as an amateur, part time blues harmonica player. From time to time, I will write a little bit about blues harmonica.
  • I've got some very cool and generous musician friends that put up with me shoving a camera in their face. Sometimes, I shoot video of their performances. That will get posted here, too.
  • I've also been called a Blues Nazi or purist, so I will write about recordings that I like. Don't expect to see read about Tommy Castro or Joe Bonnamassa here. It ain't gonna happen.
Watch for some other stuff as the dust settles.

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