Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Murphy's Law Jam

Everyone at home went to bed early, so I decided to head out to the Blues Jam at Murphy's Law. Johnny Cat and Mike Phillips were hosting the festivities along with June Core. For the past couple years, Johnny has performed and toured with the Terry Hanck Band. Two years ago, Mike Phillips began touring with the Charlie Musselwhite band.

June is a fabulous drummer. He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio. As a youth, he worked with Robert Jr Lockwood and Johnny Shines. He can be seen working with Charlie Musselwhite. Recently, he returned from a month long tour with John Nemeth.

It was a light night for jammers, so the members of the house band ended up performing quite a bit. I knew several members of the people hanging out, so it ended up being a good night filled with excellent music and the company of good friends, which was a nice way to spend some time during the holiday season.

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