Friday, December 5, 2008

November Update

I saw a lot of great music in November.
  • November 1 - Jimmy Dewrance was at the Poor House Bistro. Joining him were Steve Freund, Kedar Roy and Hans Bosse. It was a good night. Big John Stokes and I sat in on a couple of tunes.
  • November 4 - Steve Freund hosted the World Famous Blues Jam at the Mojo Lounge. I sat in with Steve, Marc Carino and June Core during the opening set. John Nemeth and Dmitry Gorodetsky (formerly with the Roomful of Blues) dropped in for a bit and sang a few tunes. They joined Steve Freund, June Core and me. I think Johnny Cat was there, too.
  • November 11 - Kenny "Blue" Ray was hosting the jam at the Mojo Lounge. I joined Johnny Cat, East Bay Wes, Ray Figueroa and Norm Decarlo for several tunes.
  • November 18 - Charles Wheal was hosting the jam at the Mojo Lounge. He called me up to play with him, Marc Carino and June Core during the last set. We were also joined by Junior Morrow for a few tunes. Dallas Breed joined us to close out the evening. It's always fun to jam with those guys.
  • November 19 - I stopped in to catch the School of the Blues All Star Band at the Redwood City Blues Jam. I had a great time jamming with several students from the School of the Blues.
  • November 24 - On this evening, I began a short vacation during Thanksgiving week. I headed to the jam at Murphy's Law in Sunnyvale. It had been far too long since I had seen the Pleasure Kings do their thing. I sat in with a couple of groups. The highlight of the night was playing a nice slow instrumental Blues with Scott Miller and Chris Brown.
  • November 25 - Jimmy Dewrance was hosting the jam at the Mojo Lounge. I jammed with Scott Duncan and several other guys that I hadn't met before. The final set with Johnny Cat, Aki Kumar, Eddie B and Hans Bosse was fantastic.
  • November 26 - Dennis Dove's South Bay Blues Reunion was the host band at the Redwood City Blues Jam. He was joined by a number of very talented people including: Kid Andersen, Johnny Cat, Mike Phillips and Bob Welsh. During ther second set, they were joined by Kenny "Blue" Ray and a singer from Sweden named Simon. They were kind enough to invite me up during their set which was caught on video.

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